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Stanley L. Kephart

Expert witness in police & security

In depth, strategic & tactical knowledge, combined with diversity of background & clear communication style, make Stan Kephart an essential resource for maximizing your success in all stages of civil or criminal litigation.

"Stan is a top notch consultant and expert in the security industry who has helped several of our clients solve any security issues in small and large scale events over the last several years. He is highly experienced and credentialed in his field."

Mercy Steenwyk

President & CEO

Forensis Group

A Nationally established expert witness resource group

Unique Expertise:

  • Police Practices: Policy & Operational Standards, Training, Use of Force, Officer Involved Shootings, Pursuits, Negligence & Wrongful Deaths


  • Security/Premises Liability/Workplace Violence in:  Bars, Restaurants, Nightclubs, Retail/Malls & Convenient Stores, Schools, Apartments, Parking Lots, Hospitals, Banks & Casinos

  • Sporting Events, Theme Parks, Music Concerts, Rodeos and other Large Venues: Police & Security Standards, Counter Terrorism Measures


  • Probation/Parole & Corrections: Administrative & Operational Standards


  • Indian Country: Tribal Police Operational & Administrative Standards

Unrivaled Experience & Qualifications:

  • 30 Years of Consulting & Expert Witness Testimony in Federal, State & Tribal Court
  • Police Chief & Trainer in Police Procedures
  • Olympic Games Security Administrator
  • Probation Chief
  • Undersheriff
  • Police and Fire Academy Director
  • College Dean of Administration of Justice & Fire Science
  • CEO, IBIS2 - Patented High Security Platform to Preempt & Stop Sports Fan Violence