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Expert witness in police & security
  • In her recent book “Fanaticus,” Justine Gubar, a 4-time Emmy award winning investigative journalist, who currently works as a television producer for ESPN, talks about Stan Kephart and IBIS2, acknowledging Stan’s patented system dealing with Sports Fan Violence.  Pages 153-156.

  • Attorney Jack Denove representing Paul Albrecht in Albrecht v. Spectacor complemented Stan Kephart’s expertise stating, “You were critical to the settlement of this high profile case.”  The case was a beating of a Steeler fan at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

  • Stan was retained early on by the Law Firm of Girardi & Keese  in  Brian Stow v. L.A. Dodgers, the beating of a Giants’ fan at the Los Angeles Coliseum and contributed to the plaintiff’s successful conclusion in the case.

  • In Lancaster v. Carnival, a Federal Cruise Line case in Miami, Stan was retained by the defense. After testifying, the jury came back in favor of the defense after only a 30 minute deliberation.

  • Superior Court Judge Melinda M. Reed wrote while supervising Chief Probation Officer Stan Kephart, “Mr. Kephart’s training and expertise in law enforcement is certainly evident, as he is quite knowledgeable in all areas of law enforcement, including courtroom and juvenile detention facility security.”

  • After the trial of a convicted felon for assault on a police officer, a veteran Deputy District Attorney Michael Tobey wrote, “Stan is the most outstanding, effective expert witness I have ever had the pleasure of questioning on the witness stand.”

  • After the events of 9/11, Major General Paul D. Monroe, California Adjutant General, Commander of State Military Forces stated, “I recalled Lt. Colonel Kephart because, based on qualifications and performance, Stan Kephart is the best at what he does in tactical law enforcement training.”